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Esse has subscribed to the Ecocert organic standards since its inception. Ecocert enforce minimum organic percentages and ban ingredients that they deem to be unsafe or unsustainable. They also audit our production facility and ensure full traceability of all raw materials.

Ecocert regulates the packaging that we use. They make sure that the materials that we use are safe for the consumer and don’t leach into the product over time. They also oversee the recyclability of the packaging materials.


Esse fights every year to minimise its carbon emissions. We audit our energy consumption yearly to ensure that we are as efficient as we can be and that we continue to improve.

Nobody’s perfect though, so Esse purchases carbon credits to offset the company’s carbon emissions. You can find out more about our chosen carbon offset program here.


We’ve partnered with Cleanhub to collect plastic waste in developing countries before it can reach the ocean. Millions of tons of plastic end up in our ocean every year with deeply damaging results to marine ecosystems. Today, 91% of global plastic does not get recycled and single-use plastics end up in water courses destined for the ocean.

Esse has stepped up to help protect the ocean by going plastic neutral. We calculate our plastic usage and ensure that an equivalent amount is collected and recycled. This also empowers local communities in developing countries to set up collection businesses. At the moment, Cleanhub has the capacity to treat 15 million tonnes of plastic waste from more than 70 countries. Esse is committed to protecting our ocean – with every product we sell.


We do not test our products on animals and will not source ingredients from suppliers who do. There are many alternatives to the use of animals in research. Our products are tested on human volunteers.

Esse belongs to PeTA’s cruelty-free company program and is accredited as a cruelty-free company on

Esse is also accredited through Beauty Without Cruelty, an animal rights organisation with a primary objective to educate and inform the public about the exploitation, abuse and suffering of animals.


Esse supports vegan product development practices and is accredited by The Vegan Society. The Vegan Trademark is the authentic standard worldwide for products free from animal ingredients and animal testing. We will always endeavour to use animal free ingredients in our formulations and under no circumstances will we support the unethical practice of animal testing on our products or their ingredients.

Our vegan fans will always be kept informed regarding any animal ingredients that we feel we are unable to avoid in producing the most effective and ethical products we can. It is rarely necessary but in the event that a plant based alternative is not available we will, as always, be scrupulous about the integrity of our suppliers. In these rare instances, we will only use a by-product and only consider it provided no harm comes to the animal in processing it. Esse always prioritises the health of humans, their skin and the environment when choosing ingredients.